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Welcome to Global Telecom 03 - a new website dedicated to the promotion of the up and coming 03 number range. These 03 numbers have recently been issued for use by Oftel, and are set to take the telecommunications market by storm, replacing the current 0870 National Rate Numbers. Why not order your new 03 number today!


What are 03 Local Rate numbers?

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The 03 local rate number range has recently been issued by OFCOM (the UK Telecommunications regulator,) to help improve consumers trust and confidence in UK phone numbers. The intention is that the 03 number range will be used by businesses, public service organisations and charities that want a presence nationally and by switching from 0870 National Rate Numbers to 03 local rate numbers, consumers will incur no additional charges.

The 03 local rate phone numbers (formally known as ’UK-wide’ numbers) have been created as an alternative to the current chargeable 08 phone numbers (such as 0845, 0870 and 0871 Numbers). 03 Local rate numbers will allow consumers to have a clear understanding of the prices charged for a call to any 03 number, as the charges made for calling will be the same as the amount charged for calls made to geographic numbers (normal landlines starting 01 or 02).

What is the effect of 03 numbers for Telecom operators?

The new 03 Local Rate phone numbers will make it compulsory for Telecoms operators to offer the same discount schemes that currently apply to geographic numbers. Telecom operators adjust their bundled and all-inclusive call charges for calls made to 01, 02 and 03 numbers in order to compete with each other. The new OFCOM regulation has requested that all calls to 03 local rate numbers made from mobile phones and payphones have the same conditions as calls to normal landline numbers.

What are the advantages of 03 Local Rate numbers?

03 Local Rate numbers are the most flexible NGN (Non Geographic Numbers) available. Having a number charged at local rate means that your company can have local presence, giving customers the impression you are on their doorstep.

The great advantage of 03 local rate numbers is that they give companies national presence as well as giving small businesses the image of being much larger than they are. With an O3 Local Rate number a small business, working from home, can use a 03 number to protect its home number.

03 local rate numbers can be diverted to a UK landline or mobile. This number can then be changed at any time by just sending an email. It couldn’t be easier! Having a 03 local rate number means you have a number for life. If you then relocate premises, all you need to do is just tell us your new destination number, and we will re-divert your 03 number for free, saving you advertising costs.

With all Global Telecom 03 local rate numbers, you get the option of viewing your Call Stats on line, meaning you can monitor the ongoing success of your business marketing activities, and identify trends in the market. As with all of our NGN numbers provided by Global Telecom, you can also choose your desired 03 number, meaning you can invest in a memorable number of your choice, of which your customers won’t forget.

Prohibited Revenue Sharing on 03 Numbers

Revenue Sharing will be prohibited on 03 numbers. At present many consumers are dissatisfied with the fact that some organisations who use 0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers can claim a share of what the consumer pays to make a call. 03 numbers are therefore more ethical and customer friendly.